Standup Paddleboard Holidays To Belle Mare

On the East coats of Mauritius, 1km south from Belle Mare village lays the picturesque beach, Belle Mare - Palmar. World renowned for being and incredibly beautiful beach, with a multitude of watersports, it is recognised by water lovers from around the world. Being a ‘must visit’ SUP destination, not only for the predictable wave conditions, but also for the outstanding beauty you experience when gliding over the crystal clear waters of Mauritius.

What makes our East coast resort really special is the multitude of activities to participate in throughout your SUP holiday, ensuring you will never experience ‘boredom’ on your SUP holiday with flat, uncrowded water, closed turquiose lagoon, no currents and no boat traffic. There are also plenty of excursions and ‘downwinders’ to keep you entertained throughout. Our centre on the East Coast is really passionate SUP, they have a list of downwinders and excursions which they regularly run. Each one is planned, and is listed by difficulty and length.

Unlike many places in the world, SUP has not yet taken over the East Coast of Mauritius, so you can be assured of peace on the water by having the spots to yourself, and not have to fight other paddle boarders for waves. Having said this, it’s only a matter of time, so make the most of it NOW!

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Paddleboarding Mauritius Rivers And Waterfall

An excerpt from SUP Magazine of Standup Paddling some inland Mauritius waterways a:

"After several days of excellent SUP surfing on the south of the island we hit the east coast, arguably one of the most unique places on Mauritius.

We all took inflatable boards on the little boat and we enjoyed the privilege of discovering paradise in a wild and remote setting. With the mountain in the background, beige sand and turquoise lagoon, the scenery is truly breathtaking. Everyone has all their senses on fire, admiring the different species of fish and enjoying this absolutely unique moment.

Bats and waterfalls
After cruising across the large lagoon, we arrived at the entrance of a small bay. Raf and Olivia were very excited to discover this place and started to paddle in the green water of the river – a very different landscape to the bright tropical lagoon.

The atmosphere changes as they advance in the shade of large, very steep rocky banks with many trees with long hanging branches. While the whole group is paddling, a very surprising noise breaks the silence of the place. Maude tells Raf and Olivia to look up, and with amazement they see imposing flying bats with wings spread 20 metres.

Continuing along, the group hits upon a great waterfall. Olivia can’t stand far from it and tries to get as close as she can. The contrast between the inland and ocean scenes is amazing – everyone appreciates what this little island has to offer.

Leaving Mauritius came around all too soon, but the whole group realises their luck to have seen such an incredible place. If you get the chance you should try it too!"

Other Activities In Belle Mare

The Mauritian winter months from July to September are known for producing reliable wind, and are the perfect time to learn to kitesurf as the wind is so strong. However sheltered spots for SUP, even in the months, can always be found, and downwinders can be organised.

This period is the perfect time to combine a kitesurf and SUP holiday, where you are guaranteed to spend maximum time on the water, and have something for every member of the family to learn and progress in, however a SUP holidays is perfect for all times of the year.

There are many world class golf courses  in Mauritius on hand, one in particular is located very conveniently a short paddle board away from our center on a small island.

For the kids and adults alike there is a water park in Belle Mare, always a fun way to spend the day! Deep sea fishing is another day activity that is very popular in Mauritius. With species including Blue or Black Marvin, yellow tuna, the Bonitos, the ‘Emperor’, the Prelerin, the Becure, and Barracuda. Mauritius is actually well renowned for its deep sea fishing, with the country having won various prizes.

Hiking, canyoning, climbing, tennis, horse riding, and mountain biking and trekking are also activities available around the East Coast of Mauritius.

Kids - Sup Holiday Belle Mare

The sheer amount of flat water is ideal if kids want to join in with the short SUP holiday excursions, or they may prefer to stay back at the hotel with their new found friends at the kids clubs which our hotels offer. Though someof the hotels we work with run amazing kids clubs, you can forget playing with plastic toys, we're talking pizza making, gardening equipped with all the gear, club rooms in the styles of a pirate ship, and huge apple computers. Definitely somewhere the kids will love!!

  There are shallow sea areas safe for kids, and the hotels also have pools.The East coast is a really friendly and children welcoming place.

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