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Planet are delighted to offer tailor made SUP holidays in the worlds fastest growing sport. A SUP holiday is ideal for wave and flatwater lovers alike. With a SUP holiday we can offer you the opportunity to learn wave riding rapidly, as SUP is so much quicker to learn than surfing you will be on impressive sized waves by the end of your holiday. For a calmer SUP experience we have SUP yoga, where again, you will be up and having fun having never stepped on an SUP. There are also planned tours, and ‘downwinders’ for a calming, soothing and health benefiting experience.

SUP has been taking the world by storm in the past decade, with more and more people realising the fun potential of this diverse sport. It consists of a large surfboard and one bladed paddle, which you use to paddle like a kayak or canoe, and alternate which side you paddle on. This allows you to cover long distances quicker, and catch waves traditional surfers can’t. Many people dismiss SUP at first thought, which is something to definitely be re thought, alike the masses of kitesurfers, windsurfers and surfers who have all discovered how fun the sports is and the incredible health benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why book with Planet, can't I just do it myself?

We are sometimes asked ‘why book with a Tour Operator, isn't it cheaper just to book direct with the airline, hotel, sport centre etc..  ?' A holiday booked with Planet Travel can be quite a lot cheaper than a member of the public can find by booking direct as we have specially negotiated tour operator prices with our suppliers. However, it does depend on the particular holiday and airline so occasionally it can be that we are a little more expense, but by a relativley small margins.

We understand how important it is to get your holiday right. We are experts at what we do and will always give impartial advice. Even if we are a little more expensive at times our clients are generally happy in the knowledge they are getting an exceptional value holiday, to the correct location and accommodation for the specific requirements given. 

However, if you feel for any reason that you are not getting the very best value just talk with one of our experienced travel professionals and we can check to ensure the best prices. Very often a price difference comes down to a higher level of service that we have included, or difference in terms of dates, duration or room category. It's always best to checkl

Planet is a fully bonded travel company that means a holiday booked with us is fully protected against any failures in service such as an airline cancelling or hotel over booking. 

Planet Travel focus on offering the highest levels of service, expert impartial advice and quality accommodation; a combination that we hope you will agree, offers exceptional value for money.


Q: Do I need Travel Insurance?

It is not compulsory but STONGLY adviced It is essential that you have valid insurance to cover cancelation prior to departure and a good medical cover during your holiday. In addition you will need to ensure it provides adequate cover for the sport you will be doing. Skiing, Snowboarding and Kitesurfing normally entail a policy uplift.

Planet Travel is not an authorised insurance broker so we do not provide our own insurance for you. However, we do provide total ATOL and financial protection for your holiday funds.


Q: Can i Just call for advice, I don't want to book.

There is a huge amount of information on our website which is free to use. We really do try to do our best to help our clients, and put a huge amount of time and effort into every enquiry we get. If we are not able to find the correct holiday we are very happy to give you advice on where and how you may be able to find what you are looking for. However, we often spend a lot of time advicing clients, following up with detailed holiday itineraries, with no feedback or response at all. For us this is very demoralising and often frustrating. We simply ask that if you do use our service, we are kept informed about your holiday plans. As a small tour operator most of our holidays are bespoke tailor made, which involes a lot of time and effort for every enquiry.

Thank you !


Q: Why can't I search & book a holiday on-line?

Planet Travel are a specialist niche tour operator. Our main objective is to be able to use our huge amount of expert knowledge and experience to provide you with correct holiday.With this in mind it is important that we speak our to clients directly, which is why we do not provide on-line booking. 

In each of the hotel pages we offer a price guide based on a one week flight inclusive holiday. Please note prices will vary a lot over peak holiday periods.

We are very good at giving fast quotes over the phone and can then follow up with detailed holiday itineraries on the trips that fit you best.

So please just call us in the first instance for an immediate best price availability check.


Q: How to I book a holiday with Planet

Once we have discussed your requirement and agreed upon the correct holiday we will email you a full holiday itinerary for your approval. You will then need to call or email us with passenger names (as per passport) and address. Initial deposit payment must to take by phone unless we agree otherwise. We will then book all requested services and email you with a final holiday confirmation. At this stage you will be given access to our post booking client area where you can check all of your details, amend your contact information, add API (additional passenger information such as passport numbers) and pay any balance as it becomes due.

All money received by us goes directly to a Travel Trust account that is over seen by the Travel trust Association for your complete financial protection.

Travel documents are emailed around 2-3 week prior to departure or immediately if within this time.


Q: Is my holiday protected with Planet Travel

Holiday financial and ATOL protection

All our holidays with flights are covered by ATOL and TTA, and our holidays that do not include flights are still covered by our TTA protection, which means that you are 100% financially protected when you book your holiday with us. So what does that mean exactly for your holiday financial protection?

Planet Travel has ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s License) bonding and our ATOL number is T7314. By law, every UK travel company which sells air holidays and flights in the UK is required to hold an ATOL.  If for any reason a travel company with an ATOL ceases trading, the ATOL scheme protects customers who had booked holidays with that firm. It ensures they do not get stranded abroad or lose money. The scheme is designed to reassure consumers that their money is safe, and will provide assistance in the event of a travel company failure.

ATOL protection does not apply to holidays and travel services which exclude flights, for which protection is afforded by our membership of the Travel Trust Association.

Planet have been a TTA (Travel Trust Association) member since October 2001. Every TTA member deposits your money into the Trust Account, this happens directly following your booking. A Trust Account is a bank account designated to hold the customer’s money. Your money remains in the Trust Account and is supervised by an appointed trustee who is either a banker, chartered or certified accountant or a solicitor. Both the Travel Trust Association members and the trustee are required to authorise payments from the trust account. In addition to being held in trust, you also have a financial guarantee from the Travel Trust Association.