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Holidays in the USA offer numerous possibilities and exciting combinations. North, South, East and West, all provide very different experiences making it difficult to decide on your final destination. Whatever your decision, you will not be disappointed in this land of plenty. Vast open spaces, vibrant cities, beautiful landscapes and a host of different culturals provide a variety of options for your holiday. This together with the superb levels of service and accommodation, make a holiday to the USA or Hawaii something you won't soon forget. 

Beautiful coastal destinations simply beckon. Take your pick from the Atlantic coast, Gulf of Mexico and the stunning Pacific Ocean in sunny California. Miles upon miles of white sandy beaches play host to first class hotels and restaurants. For a taste of something more like the Caribbean head to the Florida Keys and enjoy the laid back atmosphere as well as a touch of island life. On the other hand, Maui in Hawaii offers a beautiful island paradise with lush vegetation, stunning natural beauty, world class beaches, spectacular mountains, cascading waterfalls and above all a perfect backdrop for adventure seeking travellers. 

Hawaii is the newest state of the U.S. (since 1959) - it’s compounded of eight islands that were formed as a result of volcanic activity. They are located in the North Pacific Ocean, between Asia and America. A tropical climate makes it an ideal all year holiday destination - tourists will enjoy the charming beaches, the traditional gastronomy and the natural hospitality of the locals. Discover the art of hula and the authentic luau that are part of the Hawaiian culture, and be amazed by the natural wonders that are distributed throughout the islands. A wide range of wave or flat water conditions have turned Hawaii into one of the most important SUPing destinations in the world.

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Maui is the largest of the Hawaiin islands and is famous throughout the world as an incredible watersports destination, and home to the industry's innovators.


Hawaii is the original birthplace of SUP in the 1960s when the 'Beach Boys' would use large surfboards and paddles when they were teaching surfing.


This place has so much to offer, you can make a SUP holiday to Maui whatever you want it to be. Either a relaxing time in the sun, staying at a luxury hotel, and gracefully cruising along the coast on your SUP. Or you can take advantage of the waves, and SUP fitness which is massive in Maui, and then get involved with the mass of other activities on offer.

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