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Tarifa Sup Holiday Overview

Most commonly known for its incredible wind which draws kiters and windsurfers from around the world, Tarifa is also a top SUP destination for wave addicts and explorers alike, with many really interesting and unique activities available such as paddling the Gibralter Straits. Around the port is whale watching where tours are held daily, however, they are developing SUP whale watching - amazing!

Around Tarifa are numerous culturally interesting cities to visit adding an extra dimension to your holiday, and Morocco is only a short ferry ride away where you will find alley upon alley of shops filled with incredible handmade crafts and clothes.

What A Tarifa Sup Holiday Has To Offer

Tarifa has it all in terms of water sports, and the story is pretty much the same on dry land, especially when hiring a car, allowing you to visit the culture outside of Tarifa, and to also visit different coastal spots either to surf, or just soak up the naturally beautiful surroundings.

Paddleboarding in Tarifa really opens up a new way of seeing the coast from a different perspective, you can downwind the whole way from the beautiful Port of Tarifa, or cruise it slowly on a day with no wind at all. Numerous downwinders are available so there is no need to be stuck in thinking of it as a pure wind sport destination.

Along the coast are incredible Spanish beaches, with smaller clean swells in the summer, though the best time to surf here is either side of the summer wind months from August until April. Although it is a clean, quality surf destination in Europe, many people still overlook it's potential, which means minimal crowds, and therefore a more enjoyable time on the water. The winter time brings bigger and more powerful swells, also colder water, though it can be surfed year round as long as you don't mind zipping into a 5mm wetsuit.

The centre who we work with in Tarifa is really passionate about SUPing, and love a new adventure. They will organise all excursions and downwinders, providing transport and assistance. Depending on the conditions they will advise you on what the best thing would be for the day, but you can count on them to always have something fun on hand.

Tarifa Nightlife

Tarifa has a wicked nightlife! Most nights start with drinks and plates stacked with traditional tapas at one of the many Tapas restaurants around the town. The evenings begin buzzing early as the standard of food served here is really high, you will never be short of somewhere to eat out. After dinner you can choose to either relax for the next day on the water or continue partying on until the morning.

For paddlers, however, we recommend early nights to get on the water early with a clear head ready for a sunrise paddle along the Straits which is an unforgettable experience.

The Weather In Tarifa

It's a windy place that's for sure, yet as opposed to be all year round wind, generally kiters and windsurfers visit Tarifa in June, July, and August, in turn meaning these are the months to avoid for SUP. However, if you are looking to combine a SUP holiday with either a kitesurf holiday or windsurf holiday, our centre organises downwinders with transport and assistance, so you are able to combine the two sports.

The winter months are a lot colder than the summer, October is still fairly warm, at around 18 degrees, whereas December to March, the air temperature hovers around 15 degrees, meaning a 5mm wetsuit is recommended.

The summer months usually hit around 25 - 28 degrees.

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