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With great beaches, fun nightlife, many cultural regions and historic cities, Spain makes a great destination for any kind of trip. A country of large geographic and cultural diversity, Spain is a surprise to those who only know its reputation for great beach holidays. There is everything from lush meadows and snowy mountains to huge marshes and deserts in the south-east. 
Fine art, revolutionary architecture, inspiring fashion and world-class music - Spain is a lesson in diversity. From the official capital at Madrid to the cultural capital at Barcelona and the beach capital at Valencia, Spain has something for everyone, whether you're after beaches or sweeping plains, lively clubs or impressive cathedrals.

Sun, water and fun: the Spanish coast is the perfect place to enjoy SUPing. There are three seaboards to choose from: the Mediterranean, the Cantabrian and the Atlantic, all with an exceptional climate and a coastline which offers a whole world of possibilities. And particularly if you're one of those people who believe that the beach is not just for lying on.

Every year, thousands of water sports enthusiasts from all over the world come to Spain’s beaches. Its privileged natural conditions make it a real paradise for standup paddleboarding. You will also find that SUPing in Spain has many other advantages, including excellent hotel and services infrastructure and the chance to enjoy a broad range of leisure facilities and cultural attractions. If you want to enjoy unforgettable experiences on your holiday, then make sure SUPing in Spain figures in your travel plans.

The “meseta” (high tableland of central Spain) and Ebro basin have a continental climate: scorching in summer, cold in winter, and dry. Madrid regularly freezes in December, January and February, and temperatures climb above 30°C in July and August. The Mediterranean coast and Balearic Islands get a little more rain than Madrid, and the south can be even hotter in summer. The Mediterranean, particularly around Alicante, also provides Spain’s warmest waters (reaching 27°C or so in August). Barcelona’s weather is typical of the coast – milder than in inland cities but more humid. In general, you can usually rely on pleasant or hot temperatures just about everywhere from April to early November. In Andalucía there are plenty of warm, sunny day’s rights through winter. In July and August, temperatures can get unpleasantly hot inland. Depending on what you’re after, Spain is a year-round destination. The ideal months to visit are May, June, and September. At these times you can rely on good to excellent weather, yet avoid the sometimes extreme heat – and the main crush of Spanish and foreign tourists – of July and August, when temperatures can climb to 45°C in inland Andalucía; at this time, Madrid is unbearable and almost deserted.

Top regions in spain

Most commonly known for its incredible wind which draws kiters and windsurfers from around the world, Tarifa is also a top SUP destination for wave addicts and explorers alike, with many really interesting and unique activities available such as paddling the Gibralter Straits. Around the port is whale watching where tours are held daily, however, they are developing SUP whale watching - amazing!

Around Tarifa are numerous culturally interesting cities to visit adding an extra dimension to your holiday, and Morocco is only a short ferry ride away where you will find alley upon alley of shops filled with incredible handmade crafts and clothes.

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